Create Learning Advantages For Children In The Future! 

    With the rapid improvement in technology, we found that children nowadays are no longer competing in educational background. Instead, they are facing a new competition: speed of learning. 
    The more they can learn, the better they may be able to adapt and compete with others in the future. 

    Give your child a pair of strong wings.
    So that they can fly with confident.

    In our opinion, there’s no child who could not learn; only teachers who don’t know how to teach.
    Through stimulating from every aspect, opening up whole brain, learning while playing and observing by teachers personally; we found out the best learning formula for children and give them proper aids for their development. We believe every child could be a genius in their own way. 

    [Skills -> Education -> Intelligence] 

    Get educated from skills and develop balanced intelligence from education.

    For a long time, by focusing on early childhood education publishing and teaching programs, we help children to create the best learning motivation through the gaming curriculums.
    From Importing Foreign Books to Creating Our Own Brand 

    Imported Foreign Books
    1. Noddy Series 
    2. National Geographic
    Authorized Publications
    1. Little Da Vinci
    2. The World's Great Discovery
    3. Bamboo & Friends
    WIN Publications
    1. Baby’s Adventure flash cards series
    2. Growing Up
    3. Easy Talk
    4. Infinite Knowledge
    5. 3000 Words English-Chinese Picture Dictionary
    6. Easy Talk
    7. Talking English
    8. Peek A Boo
    9. I Can Say
    10. Baby’s Discovery Simplified Chinese edition
    11. Baby’s Adventure Learning Picture Book Series

    Starting from Taiwan, aiming at the world.

    Taiwan Market
    • Teaching Materials
    • 2C High-end family children whole brain development system
    China Market
    • Sold through distributors on Taobao, JD.com and other major network platforms
    • Co-publishing with well-known early childhood education center
    • Publishing teaching materials for teacher-training institutions
    • Co-publishing with well-known publishing organization
    Global Market
    • Hong Kong families & libraries
    • Thailand families & schools
    • Philippine
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Mauritius

    Publication and education of young children are two sides of the same coin.
    School education and family education are deeply connected with each other.

    Develop whole brain with energy. 
    WIN Family makes you learn with joy.