According to some studies from brain scientists, a baby's neurological system grows rapidly during the time between birth to three years old, especially before the development of language, the baby relies heavily on the physical senses to explore and recognize the world. 

    With both insufficient of environmental stimulation and sensory integration---even sometimes too much stimulation---will affect the baby's interpersonal relationships, personality, emotions, and thinking/learning abilities. This is why "sensory integration" is so important. 

    ◢ Parents Are Children’s Best Enlightenment Teacher.

    For babies, the process of exploring while playing games is their major path in learning, especially with the company of their parents. During the infant phase, “family” is the most basic learning environment for babies and parents are their best enlightenment teacher. 

    Give your child an interesting exploring space filled with love and excitement through teaching materials and games. Walk them through the process and observe carefully; a hug, a smile, a praise or affirmation will affect their learning effect. 

    ◢ “Baby’s Discovery” Series, Have Fun And Build Up Abilities Easily.

    We provide proper materials and guiding methods based on children’s development. Through great number of effective stimulations and create a learning environment to start the journey of senses for babies. Children will explore this brand-new world with parents’ love and company. From the birth of babies, parents are often surprised by the speed of baby's physical growth; and when you discover that your baby has gradually come to understand his or her own existence, and that this little ingenue has learned ways to rely on you, that lovely look and warm feeling is truly the best thing that can ever happen to you. Let your baby have fun with the “Baby's Discovery” series, as your baby's basic skills and mental growth are accomplished through a series of games and warm parent-child interactions.